The pandemic has left many women struggling to keep a roof over their heads and these holidays will be extremely challenging.  

Will you make a donation this holiday season to help us provide vital housing as soon as possible for women and children at risk of homelessness?

We can't do it without you.

WPI provides homes for more than 230 women and children and will deliver 24 new homes in the next year. That’s 24 women and their families who will have a secure home to celebrate Christmas next year.  

Women like Judy, who when renting privately with her daughters, had to move five times in five years. Judy retired early from a job that she enjoyed due to a medical condition. Despite being a sole parent with a single income, she had always had a good job and didn’t ever expect to face a housing crisis.  

Renting month to month, repeatedly moving and changing schools left them all very anxious. As a single mother of three, Judy was often passed over in favour of two-parent families. At one time, when house hunting, she lodged 30 applications. None were successful. 

When Judy’s oldest daughters moved out, her youngest, Amanda, continued to live at home. She worked many hours a week to afford the basics most teenagers take for granted. Judy and Amanda moved into a WPI home three years ago. It was life-changing. 

 “I’d forgotten what it was like not to live in constant stress, not knowing where you’ll be in a year, or even a month’s time. We love our home. With affordable rent,  Amanda doesn’t have to work all the time to make ends meet. She just graduated with distinction and has been accepted into a very prestigious post-graduate program!” 



Creating new beginnings for women

Women’s Property Initiatives creates new beginnings for women and children at risk of homelessness by providing permanent and affordable homes, access to support networks and ongoing advocacy.

We are a not-for-profit, community housing provider founded in 1996 to meet the housing needs of single women and single mothers and their children.  

Affordable, appropriate and secure housing is a basic human need and right. It is not being adequately provided by the public or private sectors. WPI seeks to provide permanent homes that change a woman’s future and help to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty. We can envisage a time when no Victorian woman is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

WPI believes in housing first. We know that without housing, access to support services, employment, education and productive participation in society are extremely difficult. That’s why we focus on getting women and women led families, into stable homes first, where they can address the other challenges in their lives

WPI Blog

  • A safe haven to change the future

    Kayla's WPI home was a safe haven to change her future
    Kayla and her son Jack experienced terrible violence at the hands of her ex-partner. They had to move from place to place because of his behaviour, the police were constantly being called by neighbours and he was in trouble. It reached a point where landlords wouldn’t even consider them.

    She tried to leave him many times but didn’t have a safe place to go. She thought it was better than being homeless. Relatives were sympathetic but didn’t provide an escape route.


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WPI tenants share their stories about how their lives have changed since having a place to call home