Donate to help us deliver 25 new homes for women over the next three years

On any given night, 49,000 Australian women are homeless. Every year 39,000 women and children seek help for homelessness because of domestic and family violence. And because they have nowhere affordable to live, 7,690 women a year are forced to return to the perpetrators.

To mark our 25th anniversary, we are launching a campaign to deliver 25 new homes for women over the next three years. A secure home is a new beginning. It is a foundation for a happier, healthier life. 

Donate now to help us provide homes that will profoundly improve the lives of women and their families. Women like our current tenant, Jo, who couch surfed for over a decade before finding a home through WPI. Jo is a talented artist, but her income was irregular and often low. Unable to afford a secure home of her own she started house sitting, minding pets when people went on holidays and hopping from one friend’s sofa to another. 

Since moving into her own one bedroom apartment in 2017, where the rent is affordable and her home is secure, Jo says her mental health has improved. “I feel like me again. These days I appreciate everything I have – hot water, fresh food and natural light through my window. It’s my apartment and I will never take that for granted.” Jo is now using her lived experience to advocate for other women who are going through what she did.

Make a donation to help vulnerable women and children find secure homes

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