Ensuring that you are safe and have a roof over your head is the most important thing. It means that other areas of your life can be managed better. To maintain your tenancy it is also important that your rent is paid on time.

We’ve compiled some common frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we’ve had from tenants over the years and provided answers to these below.

For any further and more specific enquiries, please contact your Tenancy & Property Manager.

Rent for all WPI properties is payable every fortnight for the following two weeks, ie: you pay rent in advance.

For most WPI’s properties, we charge a rebated rent that is based on household income – this includes the income of everyone over 18 residing in the home. We calculate rebated rent like this:

  •   30% of household income
  •   15% of family tax benefits and/or maintenance payments
  •   100% of Centrelink rent assistance

Some of our properties are home to women who are employed. For these we charge 74.9% of market rent. For instance, if the property would cost $400/week in the private rental market, we’ll charge $300/week.


We review rent annually or if there are any changes to your circumstances. For more information about rent setting please refer to our policy.

There are a number of ways you can pay your rent. Select from one of the following options: 

  • Online bank transfer into WPI’s account or going to your bank to arrange the transfer
  • Bendigo Bank – paying over the counter at any branch in Victoria 
  •   If you receive Centrelink benefits you may be able to use Centrelink’s Rent Deduction Scheme to pay your rent. This is a free service for tenants which makes it simple to make rent payments. To set this up fill in deduction authority form and email it to [email protected] or send it by mail to PO Box 18014, Collins Street East, VIC, 8003

  Centrelink Rent Deduction Scheme Authorisation Form (interactive form)

If your income changes at any point throughout the year, you need to let your Tenancy & Property Manager know. This includes situations such as: employment changes, Centrelink payment increases/decreases or any other changes in your circumstances, like changes to the individuals residing in the property.

Authorisation Form For Income Confirmation (interactive form)
Rent Review Update Form (interactive form)

Get in touch with your Tenancy & Property Manager as soon as possible. They will be able to advise if we can assist with short and long term options for you so you can manage to pay your rent and your bills. We can set you up with a payment plan which spreads the payment out over a longer period of time.

More information and related documents can be found below:

 If you are 14 days in arrears (ie: behind) with your rent payments, you will be issued with a Notice To Vacate. This will be delivered as a formal letter in the mail or attached to an email if you have agreed to receive electronic correspondence.

If you don’t comply with an agreement to pay, we will apply to VCAT for a possession order. This can lead to eviction from your property.