Strong outcomes

  • The outcomes were valued at $15,502,647 with input costs of $1,399,870 for the 12 month period between 2014-2015.
  • Tenants experience 63% ($9.83M) of the total social value. Most of the value is created from improved emotional wellbeing, improved personal safety and increased independence and positive lifestyle choices.
  • Children experience 18% ($2.72M) of the total social value. Most of the value is created through improvements in personal wellbeing, relationships and family life.
  • The Victorian Government experiences 12% ($1.79M) of the social value through avoided justice, public housing and health costs

    WPI tenants identified the most important outcomes resulting from the provision of WPI housing as:

    • Increased emotional wellbeing

    • Increased employment

    • Increased personal safety

    • Increased independence and positive lifestyle choices

    • Increased ability to meet basic family needs

    • Increased social inclusion

    • Increased readiness for employment

    The most important outcomes for children were identified as: 

    • Improved social well-being 

    • Improved personal well-being 

    • Improved educational outcomes

    • Improved relationships/family life

    What does a stable home mean to our tenants?

    This is a statistical construct of a WPI tenant based on survey responses about how a home has changed her life. 

    Since moving into my home, I now feel safe and secure (80%). I am happier about where my life is going (78%) and I can better deal with problems (69%).  I now know where to get help when I need it (70%) and I feel more confident facing new challenges (64%). I am much more employable than I was before (38%). My kids are doing better at school (64%).