Our approach is housing first

Without housing, access to support services, employment, education and productive participation in society are extremely difficult. That’s why we focus on getting women and women-led families into stable, long term homes first, where they can address the other challenges in their lives.

WPI owns and manages 122 homes, accommodating more than 280 women and children. They include a mixture of one and two bedroom apartments, one and two bedroom townhouses, and three and four bedroom houses.

Some of the homes we have built ourselves, while others have been purchased. They are scattered within apartment blocks or they are free-standing homes in new or existing estates. 

Located in thriving communities in Melbourne’s inner, middle and outer suburbs, these homes cater for the diverse needs of the women and children that we house. We strive to make sure that the homes we build or acquire blend into their surrounding communities, have access to employment, community services, transport, schools and other amenities. Access to good schools, disability support, community resources, and in some cases, migrant communities, can be critical factors in establishing successful, long-term tenancies.

Rental properties

We also manage 140 affordable rental properties on behalf of other non for profit organisations. These properties are a mixture of one, two and three bedroom apartments located in established communities around metropolitan Melbourne. These properties are suitable for low to middle income earners struggling to afford private rents.

 We are always focussed on ensuring that our homes meet women’s needs in terms of access to services, support networks and security. We provide additional security where required and access to female tradespeople for tenants who are more comfortable allowing women into their homes.