Better futures

  • Stability

    We offer more than shelter; we build long-term homes.

  • Belonging

    We integrate women into their community where they can become part of something bigger.

  • Self-worth

    We improve women’s wellbeing so that they can flourish and maximise their opportunities.

Social housing

WPI currently owns and manages 122 high quality, long term homes for more than 280 women and children. This is often referred to as social housing, which means that it is provided by the government or not for profit organisations like WPI.

Social housing is made up of public housing (owned by government) and community housing, like ours.

As a not for profit community housing provider, rent on our homes never exceed 30% of household income or 74.9% of the market rate.

So how was school?

Affordable housing

In addition to the properties we own, we manage 140 affordable properties for low to middle income earners on behalf of other organisations. They are high quality, well located homes to more than 300 people.


Housing first

Our approach is housing first. Without housing, access to support services, employment, education and productive participation in society are extremely difficult. That’s why we focus on getting women and women led families into stable, long term homes first and then work with them to ensure they have access to specialists and supports that will help them address other challenges in their lives. We strive to ensure women stay connected to these support networks that allow them to maintain their tenancy.


Advocacy is a very important part of our role. We advocate loudly on behalf of women for more affordable housing, financial security, and gender equality.

Serious mature woman wearing a protective mask looking at the camera