Creating new beginnings for women

Thanks for choosing to make a donation to help women and children experiencing homelessness.

The 2021 Census data shows that on any given night, there are almost 54,000 Australian women who are homeless. You may know one of them. Women face inherent financial disadvantage that stems from gender inequality and restricts access to secure and affordable housing. Women earn less than men. They have limits on their ability to work full-time and they spend more time out of the workforce caring for children and the elderly – work that is unpaid and chronically undervalued.

Your donation will change the lives of women like our tenant, Laura who recently moved into a WPI home with her three young children. Each member of the family has special needs and as a family they have experienced domestic violence. They have been living with Laura’s parents in cramped conditions with Laura sleeping on the couch for over a year. Laura’s parents were incredibly supportive and they were lucky to have this option, but the situation was really stressful and difficult for all of them. 

They have described their new home as providing “a new life” where they have space and security and an opportunity to put down roots and become involved in the local community. There were many tears shed by Laura and her parents when moving in and their relief was plain to see. 

WPI homes change lives and help to break the the cycle of disadvantage. Please consider a festive season donation to help us reach our goal of delivering 25 more homes for families like Laura’s by 2025.

Thank you for helping us create
new beginnings for women and children.