Creating new beginnings for women

Thanks for choosing to make a donation to help end women’s homelessness.

Your donation will help vulnerable women like our tenant Kayla, who along with her son Jack experienced terrible violence at the hands of her ex-partner. She tried to leave him many times but didn’t have a safe place to go. She thought it was better than being homeless. Kayla found the courage to get out and was offered a new, secure, 2-bedroom apartment through WPI. “When everything we had was broken, we were broken….to be told we have this safe home for you….I can’t ever describe the relief that we both felt. I could breathe again.” Kayla’s home has been a safe haven that she has been able to rely on for the past 8 years. Jack is in high school now and has good friends. It is an understatement to say that Kayla is extremely proud of him. “After years of trauma, a home was the new start that we needed to try to be happy. I just want Jack to be happy.”

Thank you for helping us create
new beginnings for women and children.