Creating new beginnings for women

Thanks for choosing to make a donation to help women and children experiencing homelessness.

Your donation will help vulnerable women like our tenant , Renee, who along with her six children, lived in limbo for almost eight years. After applying for more than 80 houses, they became homeless and lived with her parents for a while (part of the time pitching a tent in the back yard). When they were offered transitional housing, it was a huge relief, but with three bedrooms for seven of them, life was very difficult. The house also had mould and ventilation problems which affected the family’s health. Four of Renee’s children, whose ages range from 10 – 20, have special needs. Renee slept on the couch in the living room so that each of the children had their own bed, and that was the situation for three years.

Living in a WPI home has completely transformed the lives of Renee and her children. “Life is so much calmer and I feel a sense of peace. This home is so much bigger and has space for all of us. The kids feel settled and I have transitioned the younger ones to homes schooling because they were having a very hard time at school. Now they are thriving and much less anxious.”

Thank you for helping us create
new beginnings for women and children.