Rhonda’s Tenant Story - WPI

Rhonda rented for most of her adult life and it was a constant battle. She and her then-partner had terrible experiences living next to violent neighbours and then being forced to live way out of the city in the few properties they could afford. When they split up it became impossible to make ends meet and she was paying 70% of her income on rent. She felt real panic about where she was going to live. When WPI offered her an affordable rental property in Brunswick it was life-changing.

“My rent is totally affordable which allows me to save a little bit for things I want to do. I have stability and a network. My mental health is better. I’ve made friends in the complex and wider community. I’ve regained my independence and confidence. I did a short course to teach English to refugees and I feel privileged to be able to give back. I have been able to develop my art and my love of drawing and painting and exhibited some works in a community art show. These things have given me worth. I can pass on some of this good fortune. That’s the most amazing feeling ever.”