Kym's Tenant Story - WPI

In the 80’s Kym left a violent partner with her teenage daughter, Hayley.

She was scared, but she bought a small house in Geelong and thought at least she would always have that. Unfortunately, she was manipulated by another partner, lost her house, and got into trouble, spending two years in jail. Her young daughter fell pregnant and lived in a refuge for some of the time her mother was in jail. When Kym was released it was like a different world and there was no support. She moved in with Hayley and her baby, Rosie. A tiny flat with no heating. They all developed health conditions, but it was all they could afford. Eventually, she was connected to WPI and offered a house nearing completion, with enough room for all of them.

“We couldn’t wait. We got the keys the day it was finished and moved our stuff in. We all feel safe here and never want to move. We couldn’t have afforded to rent anything like this. It’s not just the
women you are helping with these homes, it’s the kids and the grandkids. Hayley has turned her life around as well and is raising her daughter here. Rosie is doing really well in school and thankfully she has no idea what it is like to get hiding the way as we did. This house changed my life. Now I’m in control.”