Kellie's Tenant Story - WPI

Kellie was pregnant with Kai when she moved into her WPI home. Three years before she had moved to Gippsland with her then partner to get away from drugs. She’d lived with addiction for 10 years and had two children who weren’t living with her because she couldn’t provide a home or care for them. A good rehabilitation program helped her get clean and acquire the tools to stay that way. Her partner was often violent, and learning she was pregnant, she found the courage to split with him. She was desperate to find a stable, permanent home for her baby.

“Getting this place was a huge relief! I was terrified of going back into shared accommodation and what that would mean for us. I had things all set up before he was born. I’ve never had a place that’s so safe, clean, and nice – it still feels like a dream. Safety’s the most important thing now that I have Kai and a chance to do things right. I’ve been given every opportunity to do well and I don’t want to waste it. I want to get my other son back living with me and have a closer relationship with my daughter. I can do that now and focus on being a good mum.”