Brighter Futures Program - WPI

This is Josh (well his hands at least). Josh is 11 and lives with his mum, Maria, in one of our homes. Their home is a place where they have been able to heal from trauma and where Maria’s very violent ex-partner can’t find them. Josh has autism and has compromised immunity so he wasn’t able to go back to school when everyone else did. Maria has been homeschooling like so many parents, but this was difficult with an old and not very well functioning computer. With help from some very generous supporters, we were able to provide funding for a new one, with a touch screen, which helps Josh. His teachers have been super impressed with his work and he is staying connected to classmates. We hope he is back at school soon. Great work on that spelling test Josh!

Support for education and learning is needed more than ever during this crisis. Many of our tenants have expressed a need for their children to have access to additional resources to help them learn, overcome problems, keep them in school, and complete Year 12. With funding from generous supporters, including Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy Program and Clayton Utz, WPI has introduced the Brighter Futures Program. It allows tenants to apply for small grants that will help with electronic devices and home Wi-Fi (to support remote learning during Covid-19 government restrictions and school closures), remote tutoring services, school uniforms and shoes, textbooks, backpacks, extracurricular activities, school excursions, and camps (post Covid-19 restrictions and children returning to school).

If you would like to contribute to our Brighter Futures program that provides educational support for kids like Josh, living in WPI homes, donate now.