For over 21 years, WPI has provided women on low incomes (and in many cases their children) long-term, high-quality housing solutions which allow them to start again. WPI currently provide homes for over 200 women and children around Melbourne in thriving communities. Tenants pay rent, but it is no more than 30% of their household income, giving them the financial freedom to do more than just survive. They can live with dignity and become involved in their communities.

We work with a range of local support agencies to make sure that women and children have connections, support and links to their communities. This helps them address challenges in their lives and make their new beginning a permanent change.

Who We Help

We often take a narrow view of the women who face homelessness. It has many forms. It can happen to anyone. It includes the thousands of hidden women who live in unsafe and inappropriate housing.

The women we help are from all walks of life. Women who have faced family violence or are migrants fleeing conflict in their country of origin. Older women, who suddenly find themselves without the financial resources to own a home or pay rent. Women who through circumstances out of their control, find themselves living in a boarding house, with relatives or staying on a friend’s couch – often with their children.