A safe haven to change the future

Kayla's WPI home was a safe haven to change her future
Kayla and her son Jack experienced terrible violence at the hands of her ex-partner. They had to move from place to place because of his behaviour, the police were constantly being called by neighbours and he was in trouble. It reached a point where landlords wouldn’t even consider them.

She tried to leave him many times but didn’t have a safe place to go. She thought it was better than being homeless. Relatives were sympathetic but didn’t provide an escape route.

Social Housing Volunteers Awards

One of our fabulous tenants, Helen, was recognised in the 2018 Victorian Social Housing Volunteer Awards. Helen didn’t classify herself as ‘homeless, thinking this only applied to rough sleepers. Now she knows the term applies to all sorts of precarious housing arrangements like couch-surfing and rooming houses.

Helen went through some really hard times, including an living in a rooming house for an extended period where she felt frightened, unsafe and had no privacy. Now she lives in a WPI home in Coburg.