Kayla's WPI home was a safe haven to change her future
Kayla and her son Jack experienced terrible violence at the hands of her ex-partner. They had to move from place to place because of his behaviour, the police were constantly being called by neighbours and he was in trouble. It reached a point where landlords wouldn’t even consider them.

She tried to leave him many times but didn’t have a safe place to go. She thought it was better than being homeless. Relatives were sympathetic but didn’t provide an escape route.

Kayla had a complicated childhood and saw plenty of disrespect towards women and violence. “These things leave scars and sometimes you don’t know what’s right – how regular people expect to be treated. You just put up with it.” After a particularly violent episode it was clear that she had to get away. Kayla was offered a new, secure, 2-bedroom apartment through WPI. “When everything we had was broken, we were broken….to be told we have this safe home for you….I can’t ever describe the relief that we both felt. I could breathe again. The people at WPI didn’t judge and I will never forget what they have done for me.”

Kayla’s home has been a safe haven that she has been able to rely on for the past 8 years. Jack is in high school now and has good friends. It is an understatement to say that Kayla is extremely proud of him. He sometimes struggles with what happened in the past, but he and his mum are close. Kayla works in a job that she likes, but dreams of going back to study and becoming a midwife. Life isn’t perfect, but it is uneventful, and Kayla likes it that way. “After years of trauma, peace and quiet is something we love. If the only noise is Jack watching TV too loudly, I can’t complain. A home was the new start that we needed to try to be happy. I just want Jack to be happy.”