How Rents are Calculated

For most WPI’s properties, we charge a rebated rent that is based on household income – that’s includes the income of everyone over 18 residing in the home. We calculate rebated rent like this:

  • 30% of household income
  • 15% of family tax benefits and/or maintenance payments
  • 100% of centrelink rent assistance

Some of our properties are home to women who are employed. For these we charge 75% of market rent. For instance, if the property would cost $400/week in the private rental market, we’ll charge $300/week.

  Rent Setting and Subsidies Policy


If you decide that your property isn’t right for you then you can fill in an application for a transfer to a different WPI property. Unfortunately, we don’t get many vacancies, so it’s likely to be a long wait. If your property is unsuitable because of severe over-crowding, modifications you need for a disability or safety reasons you should go back onto the VHR.

  Property Transfer – Expression of Interest

How to Pay Your Rent

You can pay your rent in many ways. Most of our tenants pay through Centrepay. You can also pay by internet banking, or by depositing money at the bank. Most of our tenants pay every fortnight, but you can also pay every week or every four weeks after discussion with Property and Tenancy Managers.


If you get Centrelink, you may be able to use Centrelink’s Centrepay service to pay rent. This is a free service for tenants which takes away the hassle of having to arrange rent payments. To set up Centrepay fill in a ‘Authorisation Form - Multiple Consent and Authority’ and send it to WPI by email to or post to Level 1, 22 William street Melbourne 3000.

  Download Authorisation Form

Bank Direct Deposit

Tenants can pay by either completing an online bank transfer into WPI’s account or by going to the bank and asking for money to be transferred into our account. You can also take cash to any Bendigo Bank to have the money placed into our account.

Account details
Name: Women’s Property Initiatives
BSB: 633 000
Account: 137558615

Rent Arrears

A condition of  WPI tenancy agreement is that rent must always be paid two weeks in advance. If tenants have trouble paying rent on time, WPI asks that they contact the Property & Tenancy Team as soon as possible. It is important to communicate any difficulties so WPI can work with tenants towards a solution.

Should rent fall into arrears, tenants are required to bring their account up to date as soon as possible. Tenants will be asked to complete a ‘Rent Arrears Agreement’ which outlines the additional amount to be paid each week until the outstanding amount is recovered.

Please refer to the ‘Avoiding Eviction for Rent Arrears’ factsheet produced by the Tenants Union of Victoria and Money Help for further information.

  Download Rent Arrears Agreement Form   Download Rent Arrears Fact Sheet   Download Avoiding Eviction – Tenants Union of Victoria   Financial Counselling

Renting a Home - a Guide for Tenants

‘Renting a Home - A Guide for Tenants' is a publication produced by Consumer Affairs Victoria. It summarises the rights and duties of a landlord and a tenant under a tenancy agreement. It is a great resource to refer to as a starting point if you ever have questions about your tenancy.

  Renting a home a guide for tenants pdf

Notice of Intention to Vacate

It is your responsibility as a tenant to give WPI notice that you wish to vacate. One of our staff member will contact you within 24 hours to confirm we have received the Notice of Your Intention to Vacate. The end of your tenancy will be effective 28 days from the date above. WPI will consider in special circumstances, requests to end the tenancy earlier than the required 28 days. Please contact us directly on 9664 7800 to discuss.

  Download our notice to vacate form