Property & Tenancy will arrange for repairs and maintenance of WPI owned homes. If there is something that needs attending to, tenants should report it to the Property & Tenancy Team as soon as possible. Call 039 664 7800.

There are different response times depending on the nature of the repair.

  Tenant Application for Repairs or Maintenance

Urgent Repairs – After Hours

During business hours (between 9am-5pm) tenants should report all urgent repairs to the Property & Tenancy Managers as soon as possible:

Phone: 03 9664 7800.

Text: Karina 0407 082 261 and Lian 0488 111 504

Email: and

  After Hours Information

Annual Inspections

Once a year the Property & Tenancy Team will make a time to come out and inspect your property. Property inspections give you an opportunity to raise any issues and gives WPI an opportunity to assess the property and plan cyclical maintenance.


When you rent a WPI property, you are not permitted to make changes to the property without WPI’s consent. If you make changes to the property without WPI’s consent, you may have to cover the costs of restoring the property to its former condition.

If you’d like to carry out works (e.g. painting, installing air conditioning) please complete this application and submit it to WPI. If WPI agrees, the works may be carried out at your expense and on the terms and conditions in the form below. Please don’t start doing the work before WPI agrees.

  Tenant Application To Carry Out Works

Sustainability Information for Tenants

Refer to the ‘Renters Guide to Sustainable Living’ for advice on how to make inexpensive changes to your home to make it more comfortable, save money and reduce your environmental impact.

  Renters Guide to Sustainable Living