Rebekah’s Tenant Story - WPI

Rebekah lives with her mum who is her carer. She has a severe medical condition that requires her to be close to the hospital where she is treated. They moved from Wodonga to be close to

medical care and they had to give up a lot, including being close to family and friends. But finding somewhere to live on a low income seemed almost impossible. Most people wouldn’t even consider them because they weren’t working. A relative was sheltering them but they knew that couldn’t continue. Fortunately, a WPI home became available at a time when they were desperate, and the apartment exceeded their wildest expectations.

“I don’t go out much because of my health, so my home environment is so important. A beautiful apartment in a nice building is a dream come true. There is space for both of us. My stress levels have dropped, with a huge impact on my health. I feel better a lot more of the time and I can do simple things like walk to the shops. Mum is happier – and we get along better because of it. This is not the direction I wanted my life to take. I want to get back to what I was going to be and go back to uni. It seems possible now.”