Community Housing is affordable rental housing.

In Victoria there are two major avenues for affordable housing: 

Although some offer a generalist service, most Community Housing organisations have a particular focus. For instance some have a disability or youth focus, others concentrate on singles, older people or women.

For more information on women focussed housing go to Why Women’s Housing

Why do we need more Community Housing?

Affordable, appropriate and secure housing is a basic need and right that is not being adequately provided for by the Government or private sectors.

What are the benefits of good, Community Housing?

WPI creates community housing for very good reasons. Namely to provide safe and affordable housing to the people who are most vulnerable, women and children but secondly, because it makes social and economic sense.  Rent is charged at 30% of the household income or 75% of market rent (never exceeding 75% of market rent).

Affordable housing is the foundation for building a better life and is a key factor in the reduction of “next generation” poverty.

Independent research conducted by Social Ventures Australia for WPI, demonstrates that the longer women and children have stable and secure housing at an affordable rent, the more value is created for them, and for the wider community.

Key sustainable social and economic benefits include:

Reduction of intergenerational poverty

Significant saving to the government and taxpayer through avoided costs of welfare, counseling and rehabilitation

Reduced re-entry into correctional institutions

Improved mental health of children

Improved academic performance of children

Increased employment and return to study for tenants

Improved family relationships