Meet Jess

I’ve worked at WPI in the Tenancy & Property team for about six years.

What motivates me about the work I do is seeing how happy the women and children are when they get housed.  Going into a property and seeing it turned into a home.
It’s not just bricks and mortar.  These are permanent homes for so many of the women and children we house.  To see the pride going into creating a home.  It’s the little things.  A set of household rules on the fridge.  The way a child has set up their bedroom.  A teenage girl who for the first time has a space of her own and doesn’t have to share with her little brother.

We visit the properties regularly to ensure we’re on top of maintenance.  It’s essential to WPI that we look after our properties and we’re responsible landlords.  I think the women appreciate that.  I believe in the private market you’re sometimes scared to ask for things that you know you need to because you might be labelled a troublesome tenant.  Like living in a sub-standard property that you’re paying good money for but not having a working lock on your back door or heating in winter. 

I know every one of our tenants by name which is nice.  I’m fortunate to be able to work in a way that I can give a bit extra to the women we house; it’s more personal.  Although I look forward to growth as well,  there’s so much need.  I would love to be able to give a woman the keys to her new home every day.  

Meet Melanie










Recently we said goodbye to Melanie who completed her university work placement with us. It was great to have her, and she did some fantastic work. She had some nice things to say about us too!

"Hi, my name is Melanie, and I just finished a degree in Applied Public Health. In my final year, I was required to complete 200 hours of work placement, which I did with WPI. I was determined to finish my placement in an area that I would enjoy and was interested in. I didn’t completely understand what WPI was all about until I started, but I knew that they house women in need. Over time I have been inspired by the effort and commitment of the staff and the real difference it makes to women’s lives.

Not only have I enjoyed working in an organisation that is helping others, but I have also really enjoyed working with the women here as they are all dedicated to the mission and firmly believe in WPI's mission. I now want a career that helps people better their lives, hopefully in the area of homelessness. I have seen first-hand how rewarding the work is, even though there are struggles along the way."