Reasons why Women are more vulnerable to homelessness

They continue to face discrimination when it comes to rental accommodation and  financial loans
Their earnings are 19% lower than those of men
They are more likely to be the victims of domestic violence
Primary care status of single mothers  restricts them to limited income and work opportunities

Factors in addition to general obstacles to affordable housing

Rental vacancies are at a 25 year low
Rent has increased three times the rate of inflation
Average house prices relative to income have doubled
Inner city low cost housing stock has declined through "gentrification"
Social housing by Governments has declined by 20% over the last 10 years

Women's Property Initiatives focus on women and their children because they are the greatest in need of safe affordable housing.

WPI also recognise that women from culturally diverse backgrounds, women who have experienced sexual abuse and/or domestic violence and women leaving the correctional system, require a housing service that is sensitive to their needs.

85% of families seeking help through the Government’s Supported Accommodation Assistance Program are single mothers and almost 90% of single headed households are women with children.

The number of young single women and older single women seeking assistance from housing support agencies is also increasing.