An inaugural donation from the Lions Club Melbourne Host has launched the WPI Foundation.

WPI is seeking further philanthropic investment in the WPI Foundation. Capital accumulated in the Foundation will be used to build more affordable housing for disadvantaged women and their families.

The new Foundation is a discrete fund established under WPI’s Gift Fund, which provides Tax Deductibility Status. This enables donations to be claimed as tax deductions under Australian tax rulings.

Donors can nominate specific building projects they wish to support, if they choose.

Many of the projects will involve WPI selling a significant proportion (75-80%) of new housing stock to promote an appropriate mix of residents and provide ongoing capital for more community housing.

The Board and staff of WPI believe a home is fundamental to women and children having a future and we create homes that enable women and their children to live with dignity as contributing members of local communities.

WPI’s high-quality, safe and affordable housing for disadvantaged women and children, helps break the cycle of generational poverty and improves the physical and mental health of our tenants.

WPI is committed to creating more affordable housing because it is the foundation for building a better life.