Changing Futures

Imagine looking at 100 rental properties and not being able to afford any of them. Or searching for work when you don’t have a secure or stable place to live. What if your children couldn’t function at school because of the stress of moving around from friend to friend, relative to relative.

These are some of the scenarios that single women and mothers face. Two out of three people seeking help for homelessness are women and there are many more who are hidden, living in highly unstable or grossly inadequate housing. Secure homes will change their future. 

We provide permanent, secure and affordable homes for more than 220 women and children. WPI is excitingly close to breaking ground on six new homes in Melbourne’s south-east that will completely change the future for six more vulnerable women and their children!

We have the land and the funding for most of the construction. Now we need an extra $50,000 for this development to be completely debt free! Please make a tax-deductible donation to our Changing Futures Fund and help us reach our target. Help these families secure the homes they deserve.

To learn more about our impact, check out the video. To help us reach the target, please click the donate now button at the top of this page.


WPI Blog

  • Launch of the WPI Foundation

    An inaugural donation from the Lions Club Melbourne Host has launched the WPI Foundation.

    WPI is seeking further philanthropic investment in the WPI Foundation. Capital accumulated in the Foundation will be used to build more affordable housing for disadvantaged women and their families.

    The new Foundation is a discrete fund established under WPI’s Gift Fund, which provides Tax Deductibility Status. This enables donations to be claimed as tax deductions under Australian tax rulings.


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WPI tenants share their stories about how their lives have changed since having a place to call home