I moved into my WPI home just before Christmas in 2016. Before that I was living in a bedsit so there was a lot of mental health issues around me. I would come back to that and I felt very depressed and didn’t see the end in sight. Nothing was mine - my things weren’t safe. You have no hope of improving your life in a situation like that. I always thought I would never get housed because I was either too old or, you know, I kept getting knocked back. You think that there is no-one on your side so it was quite a shock when WPI told me I’d been successful. A really good one! Once I settled in I felt a bit more connected to the local area. It was beyond belief! I’d be coming in the door smiling. The place was brand new and brightly coloured, I have an outdoor space, I’ve got a courtyard and a balcony. I can invite people in and feel like it’s my place and I’m proud of it. I’m close to a train station, close to buses and tram-stops, so I can get around a lot better and I’m independent. I have really nice neighbours and we support each other. It feels like a community. In the future I’d like to go on to further study. I’d like to do an Advanced Diploma in Interpersonal Therapy and help other people. I’m at a point now where I feel like this could be real. I have a place that I can actually call home. This is the best place I’ve ever lived in. It’s completely changed my outlook. I’m a lot more hopeful now.