What is this application for?

When you rent a WPI property, you are not allowed to install fixtures or make alterations, renovations or additions to the property without WPI’s consent. If you make changes to the property without WPI consent, you may be liable for extra costs.

If you would like to carry out works (e.g. painting, installing air conditioning) other than repairs, WPI is responsible for repairing and maintaining the property, you must complete this application and submit it to WPI before you go ahead with any works.

If WPI agrees, you may carry out the works at your cost on the terms and conditions below. Please read carefully.

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to you, approved persons and qualified tradespersons who carry out works on your behalf

  1. No works are to be carried out unless you have WPI’s prior written consent.
  2. If WPI consents to the works being carried out, then you must, at your cost:
    1. Obtain all necessary approvals and permits necessary for the works;
    2. Promptly carry out and complete the works in a proper and workmanlike manner;
    3. Use materials of a suitable quality as specified in the description of the works;
    4. Use only the approved persons and qualified tradespersons to carry out the works;
    5. Ensure the works are in accordance with the details of works in this application or as otherwise provided to WPI and agreed to by WPI; and
    6. Complete the works before your lease expires.
  3. WPI may oversee, supervise, inspect and complete the works if it considers necessary. You will cooperate with WPI and its personnel and consultants to allow this to occur.
  4. When the works are complete, you must:
    1. Promptly remove all unused materials, equipment and rubbish; and
    2. If required, obtain an occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection from the relevant authority and provide a copy to WPI.
  5. You must not interfere with other occupiers of WPI properties when carrying out the works.
  6. You carry out the works at your own risk. You release WPI and its personnel from all claims and loss resulting from any accident, damage, death or injury occurring in or around the property in relation of the works, except to the extent caused or contributed to by WPI.
  7. All improvements, including fixtures and fittings, constructed by virtue of the works become WPI’s property. You will not receive any reimbursement or rent deduction for the works.
  8. WPI may withdraw its consent to the works, or may require you to restore the property to the condition it was in before the works, or pay WPI the reasonable cost to do so.

(Please describe the works to be carried out. WPI may request plans, quotes and information on specifications to approve this application. You must get WPI’s consent again if the works change.)

(Please list all persons who will carry out any of the works on your behalf)

If you require council approval or permits you will need to provide a copy to WPI. You should contact your council if you are unsure whether you need approvals.)